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2009-06-29 Are You Jerry-rigging SharePoint to Work as a DAM 1.6
2009-06-08 What DAMs Can Learn from Social Media 3
2009-05-20 Osprey! None
2009-05-03 Four (Important) Questions to Ask a DAM Vendor None
2009-04-21 Bottlenecks to Brand Delivery 1
2009-04-13 Anatomy of a Lit Number None
2009-04-08 Why Brand Standards Matter in a Global Economy 5
2009-03-30 DAMs Are Green Afterall None
2009-03-30 Where Have all The Mid-Market Players Gone? Into the Cloud! None


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Robert Cugini is the founder and CEO of Application Arts (“AppArt”) which he started in 1991, fusing his long-term interests in photography, graphic design, and computer science to build a full suite of services geared to helping organizations more efficiently manage their brand assets. An early pioneer in graphic design and printing technology, Robert developed one of the first electronic methods for capturing vector-based application screen captures and has since brought many 3-D graphic rendering innovations to market.  An expert in developing streamlined production services, Robert has built AppArt into one of the leading specialty graphic design service businesses in the country. In addition to directing the company’s strategic and financial operations, Robert also spearheaded development of AppArt’s flagship Digital Asset Management solution which is currently used by some of the world’s most prominent technology companies, including Intuit, Sun Microsystems, and McAfee Security.  An entrepreneur with deep management experience across a broad range of industries, Robert has held leadership positions with several enterprise organizations ranging from the forestry and environmental sectors to major land development initiatives. Robert graduated from Whitman College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Studies.

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